What causes Erectile Dysfunction

Many people are suffering from erectile dysfunction or in normal terms impotency. Dr. Anil Agarwal, best sexologist in Delhi, Rohini has provided effective erectile dysfunction treatment in Rohini, Delhi, and has a vast experience in this case. He explains the cause of erectile dysfunction. Actually, it is a condition that makes it hard to get or maintain an erection lengthy enough to have sexual intercourse. It may affect your life in lots of ways. Erectile dysfunction can cause lack of intimacy with your spouse and result in stretched relationships. It could additionally cause issues just like low self-esteem, depressive disorder, and anxiety.


A few men who suffer from impotence problems might feel embarrassed regarding seeking help from sexologist in Rohini, Delhi.

So, what triggers erectile dysfunction? A variety of elements, in fact. Let’s have a closer look at all of them here – in the end, finding out what’s leading to a problem is a crucial step in resolving this.

Factors That may Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Generally, when a man gets sexually aroused, his brain sends indicators to nerves inside the penis which boost blood flow. This triggers the penis to broaden and become firm. An interruption of this process could be caused by various reasons. For example, the fact that interfere with blood circulation along with nervous system, and also factors that can lower your libido (like main depression or junk imbalances), can lead to impotence problems. Here are a few specifics.

  1. Injuries

Accidents to the penis, prostatic, bladder, spinal cord, or perhaps pelvis can be the reason of erection dysfunction, according to best sexologist in Rohini, Delhi. Injuries in these areas may also result from remedies for prostate or maybe bladder cancer — for instance, surgery as well as radiation therapy. It is also approximated that erectile dysfunction happens in around 15 to 25% of people who encounter a serious head damage.

  1. Vasculogenic Elements

Best sexologist in Pitampura tells that Vasculogenic conditions will be those which affect blood circulation to the penis. They will include:

  • Diabetes, that affects both the flow of blood as well as the nerve endings of your penis.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular disease. It can entail the hardening and reducing of your arteries within a condition known as vascular disease. Arteries that supply bloodstream to your penis are affected.
  • Chronic renal disease.
  1. Neurogenic Factors

Sexologist in Paschim Vihar, Rohini, says that, erections develop as a respond to responsive, visual, oral, and olfactory stimuli. Excitatory signals traverse the brain to neural fibres which cause muscle tissue from the penis to wind down. This may lead to increased blood circulation and hard-on. So damage to the nervous system, composed of the spinal cord, nervousness, and the brain, can result in erectile dysfunction. Some circumstances that affect your company’s nervous system and may lead to erectile dysfunction consist of:

  • Parkinson’s disease, which usually develops when you do not produce enough of the neurotransmitter known as dopamine. It affects your company’s brain’s coordination from the way you move, walk, talk, create etc .
  • Multiple sclerosis, where damage to the nervous system leads to the slowing down of messages between your mind and body. This kind of causes problems with stability and movement.
  • Stroke, which is caused by the interruption of blood circulation to the brain, leading to damage to or the loss of life of brain skin cells.
  1. Hormonal Reasons

Sexologist in Shalimar Bagh says that your hormones are actually messengers that be involved in intricate procedures of your body, such as sexual functioning. Several conditions which cause your hormonal imbalance happen to be associated with erectile dysfunction. That they include:

  • Hyperthyroidism, a common condition where an overactive thyroid gland triggers the overproduction of thyroid hormone.
  • Hypothyroidism, a condition where a great underactive thyroid results too little thyroid junk being produced.
  • Hypogonadism, a condition where you rarely produce enough of testosterone, the male love-making hormone.
  • Cushing’s symptoms, a condition where you generate abnormally high amounts of a hormone referred to as cortisol.
  1. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition wherever scar tissue builds up inside penis, making it contour unnaturally. Sexologist in Mangolpuri says, this can make erections painful and lead to erectile dysfunction.

  1. Psychological Factors

Sexologist in Delhi also tells that psychological and emotional factors can also play a role in erection problems. In fact, even when impotence problems are triggered with a physical condition, psychological elements can compound the problem and worsen points. Some psychological reasons that may cause impotence include:

  • Depression, an ailment which results in a feeling of severe sadness and pessimism, can lower your libido.
  • Anxiety and tension can impact your sexual libido and cause complications. In fact, even anxiousness about not being in a position to perform sexually can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Low self-pride can sometimes be responsible.
  • Feelings of guilt make a difference to your sex drive and cause problems.
  • Relationship problems can impact your company’s sex drive. Issues within your relationship such as insufficient trust, poor conversation, or unresolved issues may lower your sex drive and lead to male impotence.
  • Unresolved issues associated with sexual abuse could cause erectile dysfunction.
  1. Way of life Factors

Sexologist doctor in Delhi explains that various way of life factors may also improve your risk of erectile dysfunction. Such as:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption may cause erectile dysfunction. Not only is usually alcohol a depressant, but excessive drinking is associated with emotional stresses and health problems like heart disease that may impact your intimate life. 6
  • Smoking increases your possibility of erectile dysfunction considerably. several
  • The use of unlawful drugs like heroin, cannabis, cocaine and so on can result in erectile dysfunction.
  • Excessive cycling, say, to get more than 3 time a week, is connected with erectile dysfunction. While seated on a bicycle chair, you exert force on an area referred to as perineum through which blood vessels and nerves towards the penis pass. This could damage nerves and also reduce blood flow for the penis. 8
  • Being overweight is an element that contributes to dysfunction of the penis.
  • Being tired and feeling exhausted may lower your libido and result in erectile dysfunction.
  1. Medications

Sexologist in Punjabi Bagh prescribes many medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, including some stress medications, ulcer prescription drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, tranquilizers, and appetite suppressants, could cause erectile dysfunction. Talk to your health care provider and find out if any kind of medication you’re acquiring has this side-effect.

What Can You Do About this?

Erectile dysfunction is usually cared for by addressing the root cause. For instance, your sexologist in Rohini, Delhi may advise changes in lifestyle such as losing weight and prescribe medication to cope with atherosclerosis. Cognitive dealing with therapy or making love therapy may be suggested to address psychological problems. Medications as well as gadgets that target erectile dysfunction is a good idea too. For instance, vacuum pressure pump can motivate blood flow to the male organ.

Do seek medical assistance if you’ve recently been facing erectile dysfunction — it’s important not just in address the problem however also because it can easily point to serious fundamental health issues like heart problems.


Factors Contributing to Erectile Dysfunction

According to the best Sexologist in Delhi, erectile dysfunction is a common sexual condition among men that may lower their sexual desire and affect their relationship with their partner as well. There can be both psychological and physical factors that can contribute to the condition. Thus, ED is a very common condition in men as they age. However, certain Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Delhi are available that can help the patient to fight and overcome the disorder and pleasure their partner just like ever before.

Sexual issues

Factors contributing to ED are:

  • Age – as mentioned above, man’s age plays a crucial role to develop an inability to sustain an erection
  • Vascular problems – as an erection occurs as the blood flow to the penis, therefore, men with vascular problem where there is not sufficient blood flows to the penis, a man may experience impotence or erectile dysfunction
  • Health conditions – certain health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure can lower a sexual sensation
  • Alcohol and drug usage – basically, alcohol, smoking, and drug consumption already leads to numerous health complications and so does to impotence as well.
  • Protective barriers – for some people, condoms and other precaution methods work as a sexual barrier because they experience low sensation during the intercourse with the partner
  • Medications – certain medications and prescribed drugs such as antidepressants, narcotics, and heart medications may decrease the sexual desire that results in no or less erection.
  • Stress and anxiety – this is the most common factor and almost every man has experienced ED at some point in their life due to specific stress and anxiety. This can be due to work stress, relationship conflicts, long-term disease, death of close ones, sexual performance in bed, etc.

Types of ED:

Nervous system, muscles, blood vessels, hormones, and emotions can also play affect the erection. Hence, a man can be a candidate of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi for not experiencing any of the types of erection:

  • reflexive (occurs due to physical stimulation)
  • psychogenic (occurs due to mental or visual associations)
  • nocturnal (usually occurs during nap time)


Great Foods to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual condition in most men. This occurs when a man ejaculates early during or before the sexual intercourse without fully satisfying the sexual desires of the partner. In a survey report, it is found that around one in three men accepted that they have experienced the condition at some point in their life. As far the issue is not frequent, it is not a matter of concern, but, if a man experiences it frequently and leave the partner with the unsatisfied sexual desires, then it is something to worry about. Consult the doctor and if the situation demands, undergo the premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi to lead a happy and confident living all once again. Unmet desires can result in relationship conflicts, loss of affection, and partner disloyalty; therefore, it is essential to get the condition treated as soon as possible.


For most men, the question is what actually causes premature ejaculation?

There can be certain psychological factors and imbalance of brain chemistry may result in the cause. The psychological factors, however, include:

  • Anxiety for performance
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Past relationship failures
  • Poor sexual experience in the past like sexual abuse
  • Loss of love and chemistry between the partners
  • Religious beliefs

If you experience certain influencing factors or have recently undergone a premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, then the following food intake can help you prevent the condition or get recover soon, respectively.

Zinc food – Zinc is essential for a better blood circulation in our body. The mineral can also boost the libido as it improves the production of testosterone hormone in men. Zinc-rich foods include oyster, crab, meat, chicken, lobster, nuts (like almonds, cashews, and oatmeal), and pork chop.

Vitamin D – Fatty fish, tuna, mackerel, salmon, orange juice, egg yolks, soy, cheese, milk, and beef liver are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D which increases the level of testosterone hormone.

Cereals – Cereals are rich in thiamin, iron, niacin, and riboflavin that help to stay longer in bed.

Enlarge Your Penis with Penis Enlargement Treatment

Having a bigger penis is a virtue for most men but not everyone is blessed with a large penis. The small size leads to unsatisfied sexual desires of the partner and anxiety towards the performances.


An average penis size is assumed to be between 5.5 inches to 7 inches, below this, the dick is said to be small. Unsatisfied sexual desires lead to misunderstanding and conflicts in a relationship and set the couple apart from each other. This is the reason large size is a wish of every man. So, if you are having a small dick and want to enlarge your penis, undergo the approved treatment of penis enlargement in Delhi. The patients have received satisfying results after the treatment and now, feel pleasure to satisfy their partner’s sexual desires.

Research studies have shown the surprising results about the penis size. Have a look at the survey reports:

  • On an average, the erect penis length was just 5.88 inches, that is, 14.9 cms
  • The average width of erect penis was only 4.97 inches, that is, 12.6 cms
  • The majority of men, about 59 per cent, had an average erect length which ranges in between 5.25 inches (13.3 cms) to 6 inches (15.2) cms
  • Only one in four men had a penis size of 6 inches (15.2 cms) and above
  • Whereas, only 10 men in a group of 300 men had erect penis length measured 7 inches (17.8 cms) and above.

Thus, if you fall in the category of men with 5.88 inches or less erect length, then you may want to enlarge your penis to relieve the anxiety from your relationship. As a person tolerates the anxiety factors, it can shrink the positive aspects of a person’s life and thus, would live a poor quality life. Yes, anxiety has to do with the sexual intercourse as well and it can give more adverse effects. Therefore, it is best to undergo the treatment for penis enlargement in Delhi as the doctors there follow a proven theory and medications.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options for You!

Erectile dysfunction is very common in men today and one of the best ways to treat it is to know about erectile dysfunction treatment and care. It is treated with best sexologists in Delhi at any age. Treatment depends on your overall health and the underlying cause of the problem.

Sexual issues

Do you know, erection creams are so popular and winning over penile surgeries? There are many options available for you to treat ED. Erectile dysfunction treatment pills and medicines are safe to use, but can show some side effects, if taken without the prescription of doctor. It is advised that always visit a sexologist in your area and take consultation. Do not hesitate; open up with your friends, doctors or even colleagues, so that you get the best treatment within your budget.

Keep in mind; if you are suffering from ED, the treatment has many options, such as Penile Implants or Penile prostheses. You can improve your sexual life by adding some good food in your diet. Include loads of fruits, herbs and veggies that you can digest earlier.

Are you looking for some erectile dysfunction treatment options in Delhi? Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing and is a serious matter for men suffering from it. It is also known as the impotence and it occurs when a man can no longer gain or maintain an erection. There is no single reason responsible for this condition, but there are number of reasons why men may experience this condition. There are many studies which proves, a man at any age can experience erectile dysfunction.

Penis Enhancement Systems

Penis enlargement tools and toys are very dangerous and are much popular among first time buyers. It can affect your blood vessels and causes physical damage to the shaft. Sexologists suggest it is unsafe and should be avoided by patients experiencing erectile problem in their penis.

Male Dysfunction Treatment Pills

To treat erectile dysfunction pills are getting popularity because of its price. It cost less as compared to surgery or buying penis enlargement devices. Gels are also available these days, which can be used to treat ED because they are physically non-invasive, but they also cause the minimal of side effects. Erection gels available in the market do not only help you enjoy a better climax duration sex, but also helps you and your partner enjoys better sex. Surgery is last option for a patient with ED and very expensive too. A sexologist in Delhi can help you understand your problem and will suggest you cost-effective treatment.

Vagina Tightening in Delhi by Best Sexologists

Sex is all about getting full pleasure during intercourse. During intercourse, you should forget all things and concentrate on satisfying her. But, when one of you is not satisfied, the thing becomes much hard. If you are struggling to get sex satisfaction, due to problem in vagina, then Dr. Anil Agarwal, a best sexologist Delhi, can help you get satisfaction in life. There are many women today, who are not getting satisfaction, when intercourse, this either due to male or female sexual problems. Sometimes, male is also responsible to not satisfy the women. For example, if he is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he cannot satisfy her, at any cost.

Some hymens are elastic and cannot tear, but some are tearing and becomes the reason, women’s not get satisfied in sex. Elastic hymen not tear during intercourse and woman can get ultimate pleasure during intercourse. Most women the hymen is usually torn at the lower part (5, 6 or 7 O’clock) during first intercourse or after tampon insertion, or it can even tear through exercise such as horse riding or bike riding.

For many reasons, hymen should not be tearing before the marriage of a girl. Sometimes, it affects the marriages and the woman becomes the victim of that.Dr. Anil Agarwal is available in Delhi to take care all women sexual issues and providing affordable solutions. You can call and take time appointment to meet him.

The hymen is a thick membranous layer of tissue which encircles the inside of the vaginal entrance and allows the escape of menstrual blood. Hymen repair or hymenoplasty is a simple operation which is done by stitching the torn membrane and it is very simple procedure. Women need not take any sort of fear in this procedure. It is often performed under local anaesthetic with sedation, but can also be performed under general anaesthetic if a patient prefers. It’s not a long surgery, it is done in a single day and is 100% safe procedure.

Hymenoplasty in Delhi is available at many clinics, but Dr. Anil Agarwal’s clinic is an advanced and famous clinic in Delhi and surrounding areas. There are many reviews and testimonials too, which can be read before visiting the clinic. Now affordablehymenoplasty in Delhi is available, which is safe and fairly simple, many women are opting for this solution due to the fact that it restores the shape of the hymen. Now, you can please your husband with your repaired hymen and enjoy all night.

So, women’s are suggested with this blog, that you need not worry, if you are facing some personal issues in sex. Always contact Dr. Agarwal and share the problems. He has got the safest and affordable treatment for you. Don’t ignore the sexual problems, as it can ruin your relationships with your partner. He is offering very low rate hymenoplasty in Delhi.

Expectations From a Best Sexologist in Delhi

A sexologist is an specialist who deals with sexual problems and diseases. People don’t come up with their sexual issues to doctors and after sometime, it becomes very hard to treat them. A best sexologist in Delhi can help people with treating sexual diseases at best available treatments. He can suggest you with proper diet and medication that will overcome the sexually transmitted diseases.

There are common sexual problems, one can came across are erectile dysfunction, low libido, painful intercourse, disordered orgasm, syphilis etc. Dr. Anil Agarwal is one of the top sexologists in Delhi, offering world class treatment for all sexual issues in men and women. Like men, women also have loads of sexual issues, but many a times, they hide them from physicians. It is a dangerous, if it prolongs to many years.

These are the services available at Dr. Anil Agarwal’s clinic:-

  • Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)
  • Premature Ejaculation (early discharge)
  • Small Penis & Penis Enlargement
  • Low Sex Desire (Decreased Libido)
  • Inability to consummate after marriage
  • Delayed or Retarded Ejaculation (orgasm)
  • Pain during Intercourse
  • Vaginismus (Pain with Spasm at Time of Entry)
  • Low Sex Desire (Libido)
  • Lack of Orgasm
  • Lack of Enjoyment during Intercourse
  • Dryness of Vagina during Intercourse

If you want to contact a best sexologist in Delhi, then Dr. Anil Agarwal can help you with advanced treatments, that have no side effects as well as they will not affect your daily routine. Sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction are a kind of ailment, which is very dangerous to anyone. ED should be treated with utmost care and as early as it is detected. For this, you must visit your physician, when you experience any abnormality in your penis.

So, visit today Dr. Anil Agarwal and discuss the sex problems with him openly to get best and affordable advice.